5 Road Trip Games From Car Rental Mississauga

We all love a road trip, don’t we? But sometimes those long, restless journeys can weaken our sense of humor.

Not to worry, Car Rental Mississauga has some simple (yet fun!) games that will add an entertainment to your road trip adventures. In case you want these games to become a true competition, do not forget to add a prize or an incentive!

1. Number Plate Acronyms

Are you creative? Take this challenge and try to create the best response for what letters mean on a vehicle’s number plate. For instance, if you see a number plate with ‘CBH’ what comes to mind? Maybe ‘Cute Black Horse’ or ‘Coming Back Home’? This is a great game to keep your brain active!

2. Word Ban

This game is all about discipline. At the onset of the journey, decide a word that is banned from all the conversation. The challenge is to restrict yourself from saying that particular word in your entire journey. Depending on what word you have chosen, your conversations can become quite challenging – and funny! This game is extremely fun among 8 to 10 people traveling in a van rental Mississauga.

3. Things Beginning With..

Take turns to give an answer to the question, ‘name the things beginning with…’. The motive of the game is to pick a letter and a category, for instance, the letter may be ‘S’ and the category is animals. Keep going until someone is unable to give the name of an animal starting with ‘S’. Move on to another letter and category if you want to change things a little bit.

4. You are it

This game is about making a person sit on the hot seat and have questions thrown their way. The person will hold the title ‘You are it!’ Set your own questions and allow only a few ‘passes’ whereby the person can skip answering a question.

5. I spy

The good old game of ‘I spy with my eye something beginning with…’ is a must for families in any travel excursion. The rules of this game involve a person selecting something in their sight and offering a clue by telling what letter it begins with. For instance, ‘I spy with my eye something beginning with B’. People will offer answers like belt, bottle, boots, etc. Make sure not to do things that will distract the driver’s attention from the task of driving safely.

Whether you are on a business trip, a college road trip or a family vacation, KZ Car rentals will offer top-notch services for car hire and van rental Mississauga. Enjoy your travel adventures!