7 Ways You Can Keep the Kids Happy Even During Van Rental Trips

All lengths of road trips can feel like forever to children, making the entire trip a stressful and an unexciting experience for everyone in the car or van rental. The only way to keep kids happy during the road trip is to keep them occupied.

Here are some nifty ways to distract kids in the car.

  1. Audiobooks

    Audiobooks can be entertaining because the stories are often told in funny voices and sound effects. They will keep the kids happy during the road trip for long stretches at a time. You can choose a story that the entire family can enjoy, or have kids listen to a story using headphones on their own device.

  2. Travel Kit

    A great way to hold the kids’ attention in the car is a ‘travel kit’ that includes fun kids activities. Add things such as removable stickers to decorate their seat, activity books, or new toys for the kids to explore once they are in the car. A fun idea to hold their attention for a longer time is to wrap books or new toys that the kids haven’t seen before.

  3. Regular Breaks

    Not only kids, taking regular breaks on long car trips will keep everyone happy and safe. Find a highway rest stop, or a playground for everyone to stretch their legs. If you’ve packed food, taking a break will energize everyone and make kids happy for the rest of that day’s trip.

  4. Gadgets

    While some parents may not find technology-based toys as an ideal choice of entertainment for their kids, things such as kid-friendly apps on your phone or portable DVD players can come in handy during longer road trips. There is a vast range of free apps available for kids of all ages.

  5. Snacks

    Pack a lot of snacks to keep children happy in the car. This way you wouldn’t find the need to stop very often and the kids too will remain occupied in the car. Make sure to keep bottles of water and hand wipes and not to mention a trash bag to collect the scraps and wrappers.

  6. Books

    Books and e-books are a great way to keep older children happy in the car or van rental. Take the kids to the library before the trip and have them choose books to take on their trip, or buy them a new one especially for the road.

  7. Sing-a-longs

    Make a CD of songs for the entire family to sing along to. It could be anything from silly kids songs, to popular radio songs. The good ol’ sing-a-long is a great way to have fun during a long car trip as a family.

  8. We hope these tips can help you make your next road trip with kids a fun and an enjoying experience. If you are looking for a car rental in Toronto and GTA, contact KZ Car Rentals today.