Car Rental Professionals Share Top Safety Tips for Young Drivers

Okay, so we know that most of you young drivers are aware of safety considerations while driving your car rental, we still decided to list some important safety tips. So, here you go:

Be a Responsible Driver

A road trip with your friends is great fun but as a driver it is important for you to be responsible for the safe operation of your car. Take control and ask your fellow passengers to behave appropriately as their safety is in their own hands.

Try to Become Familiar with the New Vehicle

If you are renting a car, take the time to become familiar with its features. Position the seat and mirrors appropriately, and learn where all the key features are. Spending a few minutes to prepare the car to suit your requirements will enhance your safety.

Wet Weather Driving

The weather changes can impact driving conditions significantly. The best advice is to drive slow and make sensible decisions. Avoid braking heavily and maintain a distance from the vehicle in front, avoid driving through flood waters and, most importantly, do not panic or make quick decisions. Taking necessary precautions and driving to the conditions of the road will allow you to make positive decisions in case a situation arises.

Stopping Behind a Car on an Incline

When stopping your vehicle on an incline, make sure to leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front. Although manual vehicles do not roll back, providing a little extra space will prevent damage in case of a roll back.

Give Trucks Room When Turning

Trucks, tanks or trailers require extra space when maneuvering corners. Sometimes the trucks may require both lanes of a two lane turn to safely navigate the corner. Please be courteous to give trucks the extra space if required.

Take Care on Roundabouts

Always remember to indicate while driving on a single or a two lane roundabout. Make sure to slow down a bit on a roundabout to give way to other vehicles that are entering on the roundabout.

Be Watchful of Motorbike Riders

Although motorbike riders know how to travel and position themselves to allow other drivers to see them more easily, sharing the same road means all users are to take the same safety measures. Car rental drivers need to be watchful of motorbike riders and realize that they are not as visible as other vehicles.

We hope the above safety tips will help young drivers to have safe and fun adventures on their road trips. Be responsible and make sure to be sensible with your decision making while driving a car rental. Enjoy your trips!